the beginning of properly loading a truck


The secret to our low prices is hidden in our name - You and I move.

Unimove is the new name for the moving division of Acumen Driving Specialists LLC.   Only the name has changed - same great services and prices.  I just wanted customers looking for a mover to know they've come to the right place.


In the past, your Moving options were limited, and each had serious drawbacks. 

  • Full Service Moving Companies do everything for you... that would be nice...              but their prices are insane!  You are literally paying for Corporate headquarters, enormous distribution warehouses, fleets of big rigs, forklifts, advertising, giant  hierarchies of big bosses, and vast corporate waste.

  • The Cheapest Guys are usually unlicensed, unbonded rookies... and/or quite possibly straight-up scam artists.  Ask parents and friends to share a moving headache or read some of these.

  • Do-it-Yourself  is a great way to save... 1) You are the most cost-effective and trustworthy people for the job, 2) with tips provided by UniMove you are perfectly capable of packing your boxes, and 3) with family, a couple friends, or inexpensive local loaders, you can probably even load the truck...

Driving a Moving Truck cross-country, however, is NOT something everyone can safely do!

Consider the long boring hours/days, the exhaustion from weeks of prepping, the stress that is a huge part of every move, the distractions, phone calls, kids, pets, traffic...  It's a recipe for disaster.   I'm not sensationalizing... DIY Movers wreck rental trucks every. single. day.  See these.


UniMove borrows ideas from the "You Pack, We Drive" model, and from new "decentralized" businesses with few physical locations, and as little "overhead" as possible.

By rejecting enormous infrastructure, huge networks of middle-men, and policies that put profit over people, UniMove gives superior service while destroying corporate prices.

  • They won't go out of their way to many small towns in America.

  • They take 10-20 days to get across country. They load a truck at your old place, then another crew unloads at a distribution center. Later, your stuff is loaded again onto yet another truck. This happens 2-3 times with multiple crews. Ironically, they do this in the name of Efficiency.

  • Juggling your belongings numerous times exponentially increases the likelihood of damage.  When that happens, finding someone to take responsibility is going to be your nightmare.

  • While your stuff inchworms across America, you burn money at hotels and restaurants, or you "camp" in an empty shell of a house.

  • Corporate bureaucracy is the antithesis to personal service.  You hear it in their voice and in their policies.  They don't really care.

How UniMove Works:

UniMove brings an empty truck, leads the loading of the truck with you and your helpers**,  drives the truck directly to your new city, helps you unload, and then we fly home. Easy.

** Even when you have to hire help, the final cost is still far cheaper than the average moving quote.

​UniMove is a registered subsidiary of Acumen Driving Specialists, LLC, (incorporated and licensed in Long Beach CA), has federally required $75,000 Fidelity Bond and Arbitration program.  The owner/lead driver's DMV and criminal records are spotless, and UniMove's contract promises in writing that we will NOT go looking for ways to upcharge you.

Ask all this from most Craigslist Moving outfits and enjoy the awkward pause or the shifty-eyed jibber-jabber.  Demand documentation.  UniMove / Acumen's is here.

​You probably still have questions.  Call or Email Today.  VideoCalls Welcome (We use Android phones. iPhones must download Google Duo app.)

UniMove offers a new, better option:

  • About 50% off Full-Service Movers' prices.

  • About 25% off price of Brokers who subcontract your move to lowest bidder.

  • About the same price* as trying to Do-it-all-Yourself.

*If you are leaving California or New England going long-distance